Decision Point Bentonville AR Alcohol Recovery

Decision Point Bentonville AR Alcohol Recovery

Decision Point alcohol rehab treatment center is located in the Northwest Arkansas cities of Bentonville, Springdale and Berryville licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services.

Decision Point provides alcohol rehab treatment services in Arkansas (AR). Founded in 1974, Decision Point has resulted in changing thousands of lives one day at a time.

Decision Point is staffed by licensed and certified clinicians, physicians, health professionals & technicians who specialize in the treatment of alcoholism. The staff is mixed with recovering & non-recovering people who bring a wealth of knowledge, skills & expertise.

They believe alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic illness and that recovery involves much more than promoting simple abstinence. At Decision Point, they introduce a systematic approach to deal with various issues related to alcohol. Within their programs, they use evidence-based practice methods developed for each person with the best chance of a greater quality of life. Decision Point believes that recovery is best achieved within a therapeutic community.

Decision Point of Arkansas understands the services should be tailored to the individual needs of each client. To achieve this goal, therapeutic interventions are first determined by a careful and comprehensive analysis. Throughout the treatment the client’s progress is closely monitored and reviewed by our clinical staff. As each client progress toward their goals makes a carefully thought-out plan of increased trust and responsibility is developed and implemented to involvement in the care of ongoing maintenance of their recovery program record.

Since their inception in 1974, they’ve learned a lot about the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. They know that treatment success is directly correlated to the duration and quality of service. Treatment should at least include a thorough examination of the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and vocational aspects of the life of a person. The most important lesson they have learned is that with help, people do recover.


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