The Healing Place

The Healing Place

The Healing Place is both a homeless shelter and a long-term alcohol and drug recovery program locate in Louisville, Kentucky. Every day, they provide food, clothing, and shelter at no charge to men and women in the community, while offering access to their unique recovery program for a long-term solution.

The Healing Place, founded as a homeless shelter in 1989, has become one of the nation’s most effective long-term, social model recovery programs. With 65 percent of our alumni remaining sober after one year, their success rate is five times the national average for recovery facilities.

While their statistics are great, it’s important to remember that we are talking about people. Today, over 2,700 individuals are leading productive lives and many are reunited with their families because of our unique approach to recovery. The healing place program relies on the assistance and guidance of its alumni to supplement traditional approaches to recovery.
The Healing Place is a place where hope is found and changes are made

Get Help at The Healing Place

Immediate Attention
Whether you need a place to sober up or a program to recover, The Healing Place is open to men and women, of all backgrounds, 24/7, and it’s absolutely free.

If you or a loved one are in immediate need of a place to sober up, a warm meal, and a warm bed – go to one of the Recovery Centers now.

Long-Term Recovery
The Healing Place also offers a long-term residential recovery program. The only requirement is that you have a sincere desire to recover from your addiction and change your life. To get started in our program, call one of our Recovery Centers to the right.

The Healing Place recognizes that there is a great need for substance abuse services across the country. Each person who requests admission to our programs will be considered on a case by case basis. However, they are not able to provide services to everyone who requests admission. Because of the limited space, they will admit persons based on the following priorities:

First priority will be given to the following Kentucky counties: Bullitt, Hardin, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby and Spencer. Priority will be also be given to the following Indiana counties: Clark, Floyd, Harrison, and Scott.

Second priority will be given to the remainder of the State of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Third area of priority will be the remainder of the United States.

Get Involved at The Healing Place

They need your help. There are many ways to give, so please get involved, in whatever way you can, and start saving lives now.

Financial Gifts
Their world-class recovery program is provided at no cost to every man and woman who needs it, and running it only costs us $25 per person per day. Every financial donation, no matter how small, allows us to continue offering clean beds, healthy meals, and access to our unique social model recovery program that has been shown to be over five times more effective than other recovery programs.

Material Gifts
Whether or not you give financially, you can donate clothes or other clean, well-conditioned gifts directly to us. Your donations go directly to our clients.

Gifts of Time
The Healing Place Louisville invite men and women of all ages and backgrounds to help give others a new start at life. No matter what your skills and available hours, they can use your assistance. Whether you are a professional, who wants to contribute your in-kind service or somebody who just wants to pitch in, they can always use the help.

How The Healing Place Works

Overnight Shelter
The Overnight Shelter provides meals and a safe place for homeless men and women. It is designed with few barriers and rules in order to allow as many overnight guests as possible. Both men and women overnight shelters are “wet,” i.e. a man or woman may spend the night while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Emphasis is placed on role modeling positive change for the overnight guests to demonstrate that people can change their lives and get off the streets.

The primary purpose of Detox is to detoxify and stabilize the individual from drugs and/or alcohol.

The secondary function of Detox is to prepare him or her to participate in the Recovery Program and to a life in recovery. Here they begin to identify a common problem and a common solution.

During their stay, we supply clients with food, shelter and clothing; familiarize them with the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; talk to them about withdrawal; and orient them to The Healing Place’s unique program.

Off the Streets
Off the Street (OTS) is the motivational phase of the recovery program of The Healing Place. Once in the long-term residential program, clients work with peers in similar circumstances to motivate one another to adopt social skills and to learn core principles central to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous programs.

The OTS program is where clients come to understand physical Day classes are held off campus at the Healing Centers at 4th and St. Catherine as well as 2nd and York Street. These classes are where clients begin accepting their self-centered-disease problem and its spiritual solution. Our clients also learn the basics of responsibility and move away from a “street” mentality. Along the way, they make a commitment to the solution.

The Recovery Stage
The Recovery Stage is where clients learn how to apply the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous in their lives with the program curriculum. This curriculum consists of classes and written assignments. All clients are assisted through the process by Peer Mentors, which are men and women who have completed the program.

The first part of this stage stresses personal accountability – being on time for classes and meetings, completing job assignments, etc. – and encourages clients to look at their own behavior. This is facilitated at the community meeting.

The second part focuses on interpersonal skills, stressing concern and accountability for others in the program. This is achieved through role modeling, holding one’s peers accountable for their actions, and by giving support to others.

Peer Mentors
Peer Mentors are men and women who have completed the program.

They volunteer to serve as leaders and role models for those who are newer in the program. Peer mentors teach classes, monitor assignments, coordinate job assignments and work one-on-one with people who are moving through the recovery process. Peer mentors demonstrate The Healing Place philosophy that the best solution is one alcoholic reaching back to help another along the journey to recovery.

The Healing Place Louisville Men’s Campus
1020 West Market Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 585-4848

The Healing Place Women and Childrens Campus
1503 South 15th Street
Louisville, KY 40210
(502) 568-6680

The Healing Place Campbellsville Campus
105 Heistand Farm Road
Campbellsville, KY 42718
(270) 789-0176

The Healing Place Administrative Offices
1030 West Market Street,
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 585-4848 ext 206


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