Arms Acres Treatment Center NY

Arms Acres Treatment Center NY

Arms Acres is a 154-licensed bed facility providing residential alcohol rehab for those suffering from addiction. They are located in a quiet 54-acres in Putnam County, New York (90 miles north of New York City).

Arms Acres in Carmel New York is a peaceful, safe and structured environment for people to begin their path to recovery.

Arms Acres is a 154-licensed bed facility providing residential treatment for those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. They are located in a quiet 54-acres in Putnam County, New York (90 miles north of New York City).

The alcohol treatment team at Arms Acres including doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, certified alcoholism and substance abuse counselors, social workers, family specialists and operations specialists. Everybody has a thorough understanding of addictive disease, and many have been touched in a personal way, and gives a special empathy. Quality care is both objective and hallmark of our staff.

The Arms Acres alcohol rehab treatment program is interdisciplinary in scope and individualized approach. Principles and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous AA and Narcotics Anonymous are integrated, and applies to all elements of therapy.

Arms Acres is licensed by New York State Office of Alcoholism and substance abuse Services. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations also recognizes the plant. They also provide outpatient programs in Caramel, Queens, Bronx, and Florida, NY

Winifred Armstrong and her husband, Robert, devoted his life to helping those suffering from chemical dependency. As the story goes, Mr. Armstrong, a recovering alcoholic himself, was known to bring suffering addicts to his home in the Berkshires. Ironically, Robert Armstrong was taken by a drunken driver in 1971. In the years after his death, Winifred put her devotion to the cause of helping alcoholics in recovery.

How to Gain Admittance

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment, please call their intake department at 888-227-4641. An experienced, professional intake counselor will be available to answer questions about the treatment, length of stay, what to bring, our family program and transportation to the facility. There is no obligation on the part of the patient or family to follow through admission. The staff is there to help you and answer your questions.

Arms Acres is in network with most commercial insurance managed-care programs, and Medicaid. When an intake is completed, they will contact your insurance company to explore your coverage and the procedure to follow for admission. Most of the time, an insurance company will require clinical information to determine if you meet the criteria for this level of care. Arms Acres in NY completes the pre-certification assessments and works with your insurance company to approve your admission.

Patients who are interested in extending their stay after insurance coverage is exhausted or those without any coverage at all to consider the payment schedule below.

Detox $ 440 per day
Adult Rehab $ 396 per day
Adolescent Rehab $ 413 per day

Payment plans can be arranged with a down payment and a payment schedule for the stay. Occasionally, even those patients with insurance by their insurance company, will not meet the criteria for an inpatient stay. Such persons can also provide a self-pay scheme.

Arms Acres Rehab Center
75 Seminary Hill Road
Carmel, NY 10512

General Information: 845-225-3400
Central Intake/Admissions 1-888-227-4641

Arms Acres Review

I am writing to thank Arms Acres for providing a member of my family with the tools they needed to maintain a life of sobriety. In addition to the tools passed along to my relative, I’d also like to express my appreciation for the life skills and understanding that I acquired through my participation in the family portion of the program. Life is hard enough without the shadow of addiction and the legacy of behaviors and emotions which accompany the disease.

I was eleven years old when my family took part in the program and I still remember so much of it and cherish the many memories and experiences as they were truly building blocks for my own emotional awareness and development. I continue to learn about myself and others each and every day and as those realizations come I can draw a direct line back to the lessons learned at Arms Acres twenty years ago.

It’s amazing and life-changing work that the staff engages in each and every day and, though not all those who pass through find absolute success in the days, months, and years after treatment, I can vouch for one person who has.

My mother is now 20 years sober.

Yours in Serenity and Sobriety,



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